Processing Sketch- Apollo 3

These are some of my first steps into generative art. As a painter, I am used to having my hand in my work, so it is a bit of a leap for me to relinquish physical control over the forms. However, my paintings have always involved some elements of chance and controlled accidents. Opening up my painting process to computational and generative processes seems like the natural next step.

I stumbled upon an online Generative Art course taught by Joshua Davis on Skillshare, and I was blown away. Not only by the course content, but also by Josh’s work. How is it that I’ve never encountered this artist until now? Especially since I see so many parallels between his work and my paintings. It left enough of an impression on me to begin experimenting and learning to draw code.

So from here on in I will post my experiments, for better or worse. I am working within the Hype Framework inside of Processing2. The visual components are mostly vector graphics that I designed inside of Adobe Illustrator. The randomization of color and layout is being done by Processing.









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